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Hotel Paradise is a first-person interactive experience where you play an unidentified character who wakes up inside a hotel room holding a room key. Your aim is simple: find the room that corresponds to the number on the key.

Each game in Hotel Paradise is different from the previous one. Not much, it's true, but the game does have something unique about it. Each time you start a new game, you'll have a key with a different number, meaning you'll always have to look for a different room. Plus, the floor of the hotel that you're on is ... strangely gigantic and maze-like. After wandering through the halls for a good while it's possible that you come across your room. When you finally do, you have to open the door and see what's inside. Whatever it is, it will be something that's designed just for you.

Hotel Paradise is a pretty strange game that, even if it doesn't sound particularly fun, does have an interesting premise. The graphics and the soundtrack are nice touches as well.
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